Sorcery is real to many


SORCERY or sanguma exists.
We all should stop pretending and accept the reality that it exists.
Sorcery and witchcraft practices are definite works of the devil.
The devil Lucifer is the planner and mastermind of all these.
Remember that the devil’s main aim is to bring chaos and destruction into this world.
Sorcery and witchcraft practices are some of his plans in action.
May I make mention of some straight forward points which churches should take seriously.
We should start casting demons out of sorcerers and witchcrafts apart from the old tradition of forgiving them.
The human part of them can be tamed but the demons in them will not be tamed.
Government must stop denying the existence of sorcery and witchcraft using the existing court of law.
It must come up with ways, laws and avenues to deal with sorcery and witchcraft practices.
People have taken the law into their own hands by torturing and killing sorcerers and witches.
This is because there are no laws and avenues to deal with them.
Sorcery and witchcraft practices are eating away the fabric of the communities rapidly today through killings, curses, destruction to families, etc.
We must be careful.
If we take this issue lightly, we will allow them to multiply and rule and take over everything.
Sorcery does exist.

Aaron P. Mawe