Sorcery-related killing ‘punishable by death’

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PEOPLE convicted of sorcery-related killings are likely to face the death penalty or life imprisonment, says Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven.
Steven said that sorcery-related killings had forced the Government to make an amendment to the criminal code.
“Parliament passed an amendment to the criminal code to make the penalty for those convicted of sorcery-related killings to be susceptible to life imprisonment and the death penalty,” he said.
“It shows that parliament has reacted and toughened the penalties.
“And I am happy to say that our courts are also responding accordingly.
“These are two of the most extreme penalties available in our criminal code and would also be made available to our judges.”
Steven said people should turn to God for spiritual protection because the law could not “progress to a point where you can prove the unseen and the invisible”.
“People say that the law is protecting those who have allegedly committed the act of sorcery,” he said.
“There are people who question the protection for those who are victims of sorcery.
“That’s where the issue of deficiency of law and morality comes in play – the rights and wrong.”
Steven said there was a taskforce available to respond to sorcery-related violence and crime.
“That taskforce exists and although we have funding constraints, I am happy to say that it has been supported by our international partners and some provinces in the country,” he said.