Sort out teachers’ issues first

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

I SUPPORT New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan in opposing the compulsory education policy.
Too much attention has been diverted to all sorts of education policies and little is given to the real, hardworking people who work tirelessly every day in educating the nation.
If the government has the money to introduce free education and is now pushing to make education compulsory, then why not look into the many teachers’ pleas and sort that out first?
Small things like the recent unpaid leave fares for teachers are things that the government must consider and sort out first, including housing problems and all other outstanding issues.
The government cannot ignore these problems and push for new policies as nothing will work as long as there are already problems in the system yet to be addressed.
Sort them out before introducing new policies in order for them to work.

Douglas Gilichibi
Via email