Sorting out NID cards keeping teachers away

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SOME teachers are yet to resume duties because they are tied up in the national identification registration exercise and sorting their own children’s school fees, an official says.
Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori said the teachers had to comply with the Education Department directive to get their NID registration done if they wanted to get paid.
“Another is because many teachers are in town fixing loan applications for their children’s school fees as well as travel and other personal needs,” he said.
“That is the report we got from provinces last week. This week we will check to find out the progress of teachers’ movement and the resumption of classes,” Sori said.
All teachers should have been at their school last Monday.
“Looking at the current pace, classes in many schools, mostly in the rural areas, are expected to begin in mid-February,” he said.
Ningerum High School deputy head teacher Galbert Anep said some teachers have not reported for duty.
“Only seven teachers out of the 17 we have are here. Ten are expected to arrive this week or next week from holiday,” he said.
“The school was unable to resume classes yesterday. This week is for student enrolment and clean-up. Normal classes will commence when all staff are present.
“Many of our teachers are concerned about their NID registration. So instead of coming to school, they head to the NID registration stations to sort their registrations.”