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PRIVATE law firm Kelly Naru Lawyers donated K42,000 to four provincial teams to assist them in their bid to raise money to attend the fourth PNG Games in Port Moresby starting on Thursday.
The teams which benefited from Kelly Naru Lawyers are Simbu (K15,000), Morobe (K15,000), NCD (K10,000) and Oro (K2,000).
Team Simbu was the latest beneficiary of principal Kelly Naru’s  generous gesture.
He is also known for supporting supporting church and sporting groups.
When welcoming the Team Simbu advance party last Friday headed by Goddfrey Anton, Naru personally handed over the cheque to him for the fundraising in Port Moresby,
Naru emphasised that sports was one medium which can effectively engaged our youths and put them to good use and that “is why it is important” to support youths.
Most youths are unemployed and such events would bring them together to interact and also for them to expose their raw sporting talents.
Anton was lost for words in thanking Naru for the worthwhile donation, stating that the funds would be put to good use to cater for the team’s general expenses during its participation at the games.
He said the committee began its fund-raising drive in Kundiawa last month, however, the very timely donation by Mr Naru is certainly a huge relief to the team.
Anton said Team Simbu also organised its fund-raising in style when it decided to bring to Port Moresby former music icon, Simbu Rocks band, to perform in the nation’s capital to help raise funds.
Naru, whose donation to church activities and sports is indeed an eye-opener to many businessmen and MPs, who often find it difficult to dig into their pockets to help.
Apart from Naru, another Simbu businessman and geologist Wera Mori presented K5,000 towards Team Simbu during a fundraising drive in Kundiawa.
Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Joe Mek Teine also committed K20,000 towards the team, deputy city manager Honk Kiap pledged K10,000 towards the team on behalf of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.