Soso calls for unity in Eastern H’lands

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

“IT is time to restore Eastern Highlands through unity,” newly-elected Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso said yesterday.
She urged all the eight elected members of parliament and public servants to work together to restore the deteriorating service delivery systems in Eastern Highlands.
To achieve development aims and dreams, MPs and public servants must change their attitude towards work.
“My priority will be to ensure services reach the people at the local level government and ward levels,” Soso said.
“I will work closely with the eight MPs and public servants with a serving heart to serve you.”
The former provincial radio announcer with 15 years experience and women’s rights advocate thanked the men who voted her in as the first female governor of the country.
She said PNG would not change until people started to realise the full potential of the country’s women.
Highlands division police commander Teddy Tei said Soso’s victory was a milestone for the province.
“You are the third women to go to parliament in this election. We are confident more women will be elected in the next election,” Tei said.
He thanked security forces, Electoral Commission staff, candidates and supporters for ensuring a peaceful election period in the region.