Soso calls on O’Neill to intervene in internal fight

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The National, Tuesday April 12th, 2016


EASTERN Highlands Governor Julie Soso is calling on Prime Minister Peter O Neill to address the ongoing political differences between her and Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa.

Speaking during a media conference yesterday in Port Moresby, Soso said she and Police Minister Atiyafa were members of the People’s National Congress party.

“I urge the party leader Prime Minister Peter O’ Neill to intervene and help this politics between me and Atiyafa,” she said. 

Soso described it as politics within the same party and in the same province.

She said leaders should work together in the interest of the people.

“This attitude is not helping toward a woman leader who races on the same level playing field, who contested the election like everyone has contest and who took office as the governor of a province and who wants to exercise her mandated power of her province.”

She said this conflict was publicised and almost everyone was aware of it. 

 “I am a woman leader and I can say that it’s violence against woman, not respecting a woman holding a constitutional mandate in office is a violence in itself.”





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