Soso opens Meri Seif Haus in Goroka

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The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

EASTERN Highlands Governor Julie Soso opened the first Meri Seif Haus n Goroka yesterday.
The two-storey house was built by businessman and philanthropist Ijampi Suave using K300,000 provided by Soso in 2013.
The house will accommodate women who were left alone to fend for themselves due to factors, including death of spouses, polygamy, divorce and desertion.
“As a female governor, I do not want women to be left disadvantaged. I found that Suave has been working hard to look after helpless women and I supported him with K300,000.
“He constructed a building that is like a lodge, fitted with furniture for women who are left out in the cold to fend for themselves,” Soso said.
She called on the women to have faith and trust in God who inspired wise men like Suave to look after their welfare by providing free accommodation, meals and other necessities.
“I acknowledge the important work that Ijampi and his directors like Winnie Namane are doing to support homeless women. I will continue to give my support as long as I remain your governor.”
She presented K50,000 to the safe house and another K10,000 for the opening.
Soso also made a further commitment of K100,000 for the new home.
Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority chief executive officer Joshua Soso praised Soso and Suave for the new centre which would work with the health authority to help disadvantaged women.
A number of non-government organisation partners were present to witness the occasion at Lusaroka compound near Kama village.