Soso: Schools need christian values

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 EASTERN Highlands Governor Julie Soso has called on the Education Department to include Christian values in a new curriculum for schools.

She said it was important to include good moral behaviour based on Christian values in the school curriculum to student violence and other social problems faced in schools.

“When we have parliament sessions we always pray and recite the Lord’s Prayer before we commence the business of the day. 

“I would also want it to be compulsory for all schools to follow this practice that every morning they have an assembly to sing their national anthem, to say the national pledge and then say the Lord’s Prayer before they start their classes,” Soso told the governors’ education Investment meeting in Port Moresby last week.

Chimbu Governor Noah Kool said more input was required to ensure the education system was effective and met the current demands.

“These sessions are important as they will help us broaden our perspectives to the various issues in our own provinces,” he said.

“We now have the funding from the Government as well as backing from the various donor agencies but we must go back after these sessions and do proper planning on how to address the issues and take ownership as well.”

Kool urged the governors start implementing what had been lacking to improve the quality secondary education in their provinces.

“We must do something and make good use of this two-day conference that we have attended otherwise it would be just another Waigani meeting in Port Moresby and a waste of funds.”