Source: Only 6 went on trip

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 THE delegation representing PNG Power Ltd on its current overseas trip comprised six people, a company source says.

The delegation included State Enterprises Minister Ben Micah, chairman Joshua Bakirie, board member Peter Suar, chief executive officer John Tangit and two others.

And board members who did not travel are disappointed that they have been tarred with the same brush as those who accompanied the management staff on the trip.

The source said not all board members and management had travelled to Israel, Iceland and then England for the Rugby League World Cup.

“I was to go to the World Cup but asked myself how PNG Power and PNG will benefit from the K100,000 or more to be spent on this trip,” the source said.

“My answer: Nil.”

The source said it was quite ironic that on Wednesday, the very same day that the board was to have sat and discussed among other things, extravagant recent trips and constant blackouts in Lae, the issue was exposed in the media.

“The board actually went out of its way to get an internal auditor,” the source said.

An urgent board meeting was to have been held yesterday to discuss pressing matters facing the state-owned enterprise.