South B’ville partners with investor to build bridges


BANA district in South Bougainville is set to reap benefits under a partnership arrangement with Chinse investor Jaba Resources Ltd (JRL).
The partnership paves way for the development of infrastructures that would otherwise not be possible given limited government financial resources.
Under the partnership arrangement the South Bougainville district development authority (DDA) will provide financial assistance of K55,000 to JRL for structural checks and certification on Pangara and Tavera river bridges which are vital infrastructures in JRL’s expansion to Bana district.
JRL has completed designs of the two bridges which it will also fund and build. The Pangara river bridge is 90 metres and Tavera is 60 metres long.
The decision by the South Bougainville DDA board at its Sept 15 meeting in Buin is a major step forward in endeavours by MP Timothy Masiu to develop and transform the electorate and Bougainville Region.
Apart from the partnership with JRL, Masiu has been mobilising landowners to be ready for project developments and at the same time identifying and holding discussions with potential investors.
JRL is a joint venture between landowners of the former Bougainville Copper Limited tailings area on the Jaba River which is registered as Tumpusiong Resources Ltd and Timesview (PNG) Ltd.
JRL has been successfully cultivating mine waste materials into saleable products that meet national and international market standards.
Under the partnership arrangement JRL will expand its operations to Bana district, where JRL has proposed to establish among other infrastructures, an industrial zone and township through the construction of an international wharf facility at Motupena.
JRL has conducted project studies and documented the Motupena project including proposal for two major bridges on the Pangara and Tavera rivers, hydro power project on the Upai River, a water supply (at Orei), construction of an airport of international standard at Boku, the creation of a free trade zone to attract more investments, and tourism.
JRL, in collaboration with the Bana district administration and educated elites of the region have also identified other potential economic projects including a cassava oil plantation and fisheries that could be developed as well.
Applauding the board’s decision, Member Masiu said: “We must make it our business to embrace genuine investors and JRL will be here to help transform South Bougainville.
“I am happy with the thorough presentation by JRL. I am happy to have such a project and investor.”

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