South Pacific scientists win study awards

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The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 ASPIRING young scientists from the South Pacific, including Papua New Guinea, will for the first time under a new initiative, be given an opportunity to undergo an intense short course training programme in marine science in PNG.

This training opportunity, in partnership with the University of Papua New Guinea and Duke University (USA), had been offered to 21 students who will work alongside a researcher from the Duke Marine Laboratory.

Nautilus Minerals and Duke University have collaborated on similar partnerships, such as the Nautilus Minerals-Duke University opportunity bursary, since 2007.  

“Previously, under the opportunity bursary, four students from PNG attended Duke University to learn marine science techniques under the supervision of leading deep sea ecologists,” a statement announcing the awards scholarship said.

“This time around, Nautilus and Duke University, in partnership with the University of Papua New Guinea, are bringing the training to PNG to further enhance capacity building in marine science.”   

Nautilus’ PNG country manager Mel Togolo said: “We have awarded this scholarship to 21 students throughout the South Pacific to help build their capacity and develop practical skills in marine science techniques. 

“This is a step forward and a milestone achievement in marine science education, not only for Papua New Guinea but for the wider South Pacific region as well.”

He said participants would learn about the biology of invertebrates that live in the marine environment, including the deep sea, and would gain some insight into the seafloor environment and sampling procedures.

“It is envisioned that by the end of the course, participants will have attained skills to help increase their capacity in monitoring and conducting environmental studies and assessments in the marine environment.”