South Waghi enjoys true independence

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THE people of Kuma, Sekang, Tongai and the  plantation labourers of Kudjip in South Waghi district ended their Independence Day celebrations last Friday.
The three-day celebration  was staged peacefully with people enjoying the true spirit of independence.
More than 20 singsing groups participated and there were  other activities like tug of war, ball games and live band performances.
More than 7,000 people packed the Banning rugby league grounds  which was the first for Kudjip Banning to host an independence day celebration.
Anglimp-South Waghi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham gave K10,000 for the celebration.
Organising committee spokesman Benny Pere said this was one of the best celebrations where people enjoyed the true spirit of independence and learnt more of PNG from speeches given.
Having the celebration held there was a big achievement for the people of the proposed Jiwaka province.
He said that people came as far as Wara Tuman and Kudjip to participate.
Community leader Angra Asipgole called on the people to act like 35-year-old grown ups.
He said independence meant they were on their own and should be more responsible for their actions and respect others as well.
Asipgole said that this celebration was also an educational exercise to explain the real meaning of being independent and not to rely too much on their leaders.