Southern Highlands praised

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

PEOPLE in Southern Highlands cannot believe that the general election 2012 is over because unlike in the past, it has been so peaceful.
Nowhere to be seen are the associated election-related problems, violence and roadblocks.
Acting provincial police commander Insp Benson Osil said it was a first for the province which had a history of law and order problems.
“There are no roadblocks, fights, etc. Mendi town is quiet, the province is peaceful, people have gone back to carrying out their normal business, and this is history,” Osil said.
Police and election officials said it was the first time the province had gone to vote peacefully and completed counting successfully.
He said the eight past elections had always been marked by fighting, crime problems and violence.
He thanked the people for taking ownership of the elections and the candidates for controlling their supporters.
Osil, who had been the liaison officer between the people, the security forces and election officials, thanked the security forces headed by ACP Jim Andrews for ensuring the success of the elections.
He commended Dr Bravy Koensong, the provincial election steering committee and caretaker administrator, Ungia Kembo for making sure that the people’s right to vote was not again violated as in the past.
Koensong owed the success of the election to the people who showed a change in attitude.
He said service delivery should now follow the success of elections.