Souths POM elect new board

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SUB-URBAN Rugby League of the Moresby South have come to new heights with the first election of their new board since their restructure in 2005.
Newly-elected president Ben Nime yesterday held a get-together of the presidents and officials to mark a new beginning of the league, promising new structures to help further advance their competition.
Being the first league to establish the off-season competition in Port Moresby, Nime said that already moves were underway to develop possessiveness within the area and rid crime off the streets.
He has also called on the National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop to stand behind the current board and work with him to advance the sport in the area.
Nime said: “Governor Parkop has brought outstanding developments to Port Moresby, especially sports in the Sub-Urban sporting areas.”
He also added that Moresby South was a big area and Governor Parkop’s support was very much needed as there is a lot that needed to be done.
Vice-president Michael Ipai was also supportive, saying the appointment of the new leaders this year was initially for the league to bring in new concepts that could change the society and the management of the games.
The South Settlement league has about eight more weeks before the finals playoff.
And one of the likely sponsors who showed support yesterday Helifax PNG’s chief executive officer (CEO) Robert Agarobe stated that one of the biggest concerns was to see a better society by engaging youths in sporting activities and “with our slogan Doing Our Bit for Nation Building we are prepared to come in with support”.