SP Brewery lauds Nightingale


SOUTH Pacific Brewery has commended Rabaul Gurias founder and chairman John Nightingale for his 30-year involvement in Papua New Guinea rugby league.
Nightingale — known by many as “Papa Guria” — passed away at Lismore Hospital in New South Wales, Australia, on Tuesday after battling cancer for the past six months. “The brewery and ‘Papa Guria’ share the same love and commitment — both are avid supporters of rugby league since the 1970s,” the company said in a statement yesterday.
“The brewery is humbled by his efforts in PNG’s agriculture sector and his passion to support rugby league through the Agmark Rabaul Gurias franchise.”
Nightingale’s involvement in rugby league in PNG spans almost 30 years.
“He has left a legacy that will be remembered forever,” the company said. “The brewery management and staff pay tribute to his hard work and life, and extend our condolences to his immediate family.”
Former brewery managing director Stan Joyce said: “I will always remember the late John Nightingale as the most devoted and passionate supporter of his beloved Gurias.
“The spirit of rugby League and indeed quite a bit of SP Lager ran through the veins of ‘Papa Guria’.
“Many an official will remember a verbal lashing from John at a decision that went wrong.
“This was always delivered in the spirit of the game and a warm embrace over a few beers at the end of the day.”

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  • Very sad.. time moves on and ages are counting down so everyone will depart from this earth physically leaving all things behind heading for only two places that is called heaven or hell. If you follow the teachings of Christ you will be happy but if not then hell is waiting to receive.

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