SP observes quality week


SOUTH Pacific Brewery joined other Heinken operating companies around the world in the World Quality Week from Nov 11-19.
Quality assurance manager Jamosah Verave said: “Quality is the foundation of sustainable growth in our company, supporting our 2030 brewing a better world.
“Passion for customers and consumers underpins our obsession for quality.
“A strong quality culture is essential to make sure consumers and customers are at the heart of everything we do.”
The week saw company staff engaging in safety and quality checks, food safety virtual webinars.
Staff who had not visited the packaging hall were given the chance to see how the products were packed. Wesley Rabuni said: “I’ve worked in the brewery for three years but never really understood the quality process until I went on the tour.
“Processes such as entrance quality control.”
Network support officer Sullyanne Sisii said: “We only see the products out in trade, but we don’t see the hard work that’s put into maintaining the quality of the products in packaging.”
According to off-trade metro manager Qwati Taureka: “Seeing the quality and testing processes of how beer is manufactured was a great learning experience.
“I gained so much insight that will enable me to provide the right information to customers, when I am out in trade.
“I am now equipped with information to talk about our quality checks and processes.”

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