Space a problem at main market

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SPACING at Lae’s main market is a recurring problem for Morobe farmers.
Markham MP Konnie Iguan raised concerns yesterday after transporting grocers from his electorate including his wife to the market to sell their produce.
He said this was not the first time such a problem had been encountered at the market.
Mr Iguan said everyday he had to transport mothers to the market to sell their produce on the ground.
He called on the city council to look into the matter and construct more houses that could cater for all the sellers at the market.
“I have to bring water almost every hour to the market for my wife or other sellers to drink or pour on their produce, especially greens to make them look appealing to the buyers,” Mr Iguan said.
He said he sympathised with the mothers who had to stand in the sun all day and sell their goods while other sellers were cool in the market houses.
Market coordinator Loggy Quosing said the spacing availability at the market was not enough to cater for the increasing number of buyers and sellers.
“Highlanders come with bulk of goods but we try to ensure that there is space available to all sellers,” Mr Quosing said.
Another big problem, he said, was black markets.
These are women who live in the town area and come to the market to buy goods and then reduce the quantity or sell them at a much higher price.
Mr Quosing said these women were removed last year but they had crept back in.
The smaller building, he said, had been allocated to locals to sell their goods.
Mr Quosing said there were plans to build more houses but there were no funds.