Speaker’s gagging of debates unfair

Letters, Normal

MANY good citizens of PNG, including Dr Ray Anere of NRI, have raised their concern against the MP for Sinasina-Yongomugl and Speaker of Parliament for continuously gagging parliamentary debates.
It is a disgrace to see the Speaker doing that.
To say that his action is unconstitutional would be the year’s understatement.
He should realise that the 109 MPs, including himself, have depository powers, meaning his colleagues and he represent the voice of the silent majority of the people back home.
Whoever gets into Parliament means a lot to us, the ordinary people.
Therefore, when an MP wants to talk, the Speaker must observe with respect and understand that this forum is made available for the MP to express his views.
Each MP has a right to express his or her views unless there are improper conducts that is contrary to the standing orders of Parliament.
Enough is enough, for the people are sick to their guts.
Please get real and act sensibly as a leader as we have laws governing this country and the Speaker can no longer suppress democracy.
On electoral matters, the Speaker is now in Parliament for the second term and he should stop this primitive approach of buying vehicles for his supporters and giving cash instead of building infrastructure and delivering basic services.
Road maintenance in remote parts of Sinasina and Yongomugl is greatly desired by the people.
What is the use of buying vehicles when the road conditions are so atrocious?

Aibanule advocate
Sinasina, Simbu