Speaker Zurenuoc must be impartial

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 06th August 2012

I WOULD like to congra­tulate the MP for Finsch­hafen, Theo Zurenuoc, for his election as the speaker of the ninth parliament.
As a fellow Morobean and a stout supporter of PPP, I am proud that he has been elected as the speaker.
I know that all the people of Morobe, especially the people from Finschhafen and Fisika region, are proud and elated.
I would also like to encourage Zurenuoc to adhere to his principles, and to uphold the integrity and impartiality of our parliament.
The speaker’s chair has lost its integrity in the past two terms and I believe that Zurenuoc can restore its integrity and impartia­lity.
He must ensure that he is not influenced by anyone and to preside parliament by upholding its protocols, laws, and most importantly, the Constitution.
He must  show to the people of PNG that Mo­robeans are always neutral in how we think and do things.

Jack W Kwa
Port Moresby