Special op nabs suspects

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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 A SPECIAL police operation on New Hanover, in New Ireland, to curb lawlessness has already seen the arrest of  20 suspects.

Provincial police commander, Elizah Taksir said the suspects were allegedly involved in three separate killings on the island recently.

The first on Jan 8 was the killing of Bung Melung, from Metekavil, on South Lovo; the second on Jan 20 was the killing of Barnabas Maningek Gabriel, from Metehangus, North Lovo; the third on Feb 6 was the killing of Benson Tito, from Meterankang, South Lovo.

Operation Kalaro Klinim Peles involved 35 officers from the Island Group Command at Tomaringa and NIP police who were deployed to the island to make the arrests.

Four of the suspects involved in the killing of Tito voluntarily surrendered this week.