Special TV show launched

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The National, Tuesday 11th June 2013


A NEW TV programme “Wheels of Change” to focus on people living with a disability was launched last Friday. 

Kapi Foundation chairman Brown Kapi launched the TV programme “Wheels of Change” last Friday night, which is a joint initiative of the PNG Rehabilitation Centre in NCD and Kundu 2. 

The one-hour TV show will cover disability issues and stories around the country, which will enable viewers to explore the world of disabled people. 

“It is a big step forward for people living with disability,” Kapi said.

“For years they have been left out in almost everything and as a result they have become too dependent and tagged in society as liabilities. 

“Disabled people today are fed up with donations and charities. They want to be included in the mainstream, being productive and active members of society.”

Special guest Jean Parkop, wife of NCD Governor Powes Parkop, said: “This is only one exciting beginning for people living with a disability in the country.

“There is more to come with our continuous support from NCD governor and to confirm that a first of its kind National Disability Centre for PNG will be built that will also be another stepping stone for people living with a disability in the country.”

Gold Sponsor for the show and Frangipani Hire Car owner Janet Sios was very pleased at the launch of the show and threw her support behind the initiative that Kapi has been able to bring forward.

“It is a milestone event in the history PNG and step upward for people with a disability and my message to the people out there is simple: Always think of people living with disabilities when planning for your company or for the nation.”  

National Information, Technology and Communications Authority presented K14,000 to be named as the bronze sponsor for the show.