Spend wisely


I wish to comment here regarding the decision by Prime Minister James Marape’s to bring the entire cabinet to Bougainville.
Recently, Marape said to slash the District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) and Provincial Services Improvement Programme (PSIP) funds by 20% so it can fund the Supplementary Budget.
Fair enough.
What about the choice of bringing the entire cabinet ministers including departmental heads to Bougainville for its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting?
Isn’t that saving a cost? The cost of return air fares, hire cars, and accommodation for the entire cabinet ministers, departmental heads.
Some good amount of money would have been saved from this unnecessary cabinet meeting in Bougainville.
Let’s be realistic and be wise on spending. Now we want to slash 20% of PSIP/DSIP funds.
These funds are very important components of service delivery for entire people of Papua New Guinea.

Concerned Tax Payer

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