Spitting on new rubbish bins angers governor

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MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu has condemned the actions of people who have given newly installed rubbish bins in Lae a disgusting and ugly look with betel nut spittle.
Saonu said the new polythene rubbish bins were put in strategic locations around the city for the benefit of everyone so people should not be defacing them.
“We have to take ownership of the beautification, hygiene and cleanliness of our city,” Saonu said.
“These rubbish bins are put there for the benefit of everyone,” he said.
“We want to make a good impression of our city for everyone to enjoy.
“People who throw betel nut spittle or spit into the bins are uncivilised.
“They are way back and do not understand and appreciate things put out for their benefit.”
Saonu said if the province was to progress, people must learn to appreciate and take care of the little things given to them by the government.
“If we cannot look after small things then we cannot look after bigger things,” Saonu said.
“We have to change our attitudes and think properly.”
The governor said there were about 20 new rubbish bins that were erected in strategic locations around the city by a contractor.
He said the project was a trial one and as soon as the government received positive feedbacks from the public about the new bins, they would be installed in other areas.
Saonu appealed to residents to learn to dispose their wastes properly and not stain the bins with spittle and betel nut remains.

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