Split Yangoru-Saussia into two electorates


YANGORU-SAUSSIA in East Sepik should be split into separate electorates.
Yangoru and Saussia are made up of large land masses and high population.
The Sepik Highway runs parallel with the Sepik River and the electorate consists of villages close to the river, towards the highway and towards Prince Alexander Range.
Most villages and highly-populated areas are located outside of the zone of development, which is along the highway.
Kubalia is made up of huge land masses from the mountain ranges down to the Sepik plains and towards the nearby communities of Wewak.
The population of Kubalia has increased over the years.
As a result, most people from Kubalia do not have access to basic services such as health and education.
People in the remote parts of the Sepik plains do not have access to basic government services.
People high up in the mountain ranges of Kubalia cannot access services as well.
Kubalia is made up of Numbo and Sausso local level governments, comprising a high population.
Yangoru is highly-populated as well.
Most communities near Maprik are considering themselves as from Maprik with the initiative of supporting the proposed Central Sepik.
Splitting the electorate will help address people’s need for services.
Most communities away from the Sepik Highway do not experience development as in those close to the highway.
People are still struggling to get PMV to go to Wewak town.
Mothers are giving birth in the bushes and their homes.
People are still fighting and killing themselves due to the lack of law enforcers.
Most people are still using torches and lamps in their homes.
Teachers use torches and lamps to prepare lessons for the students.
Kubalia should be the first area to be developed because it is the gateway of the Sepik Highway, however, this is not the case.
Only a handful of communities living along Sepik Highway are benefitting from the services provided by the Government.
I am calling upon the Government and Yangoru-Saussia MP Richared Maru to into this and adress it.

Jameson Yembinaro,