Sponsor challenges Goroka United players


PLAYERS of the Goroka United rugby league club have been challenged to focus on becoming the best players they can be and maximising their talents instead of just playing the game.
Club sponsor Harry Kore issued the challenge last weekend when presenting funds and uniforms to the club.
Kore gave K10,000 as well as a new playing kit for the club which is coached by former Lahanis and Kumuls player Nicko Slain.
He said there were now opportunities to further one’s career in rugby league and those who showed the potential to rise to the top level needed to commit themselves to the sport and they would achieve a lot.
Kore, who is the secretary of the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazard Management, urged young players of the United club to avoid drugs, not abuse alcohol and be more disciplined.
“If I see that you have changed and have a focused mind to develop careers out of rugby league, I will maintain the sponsorship for as long as I can.
“Be like Justin Olam and carve a career out of rugby league,” Kore said.
Club president Mathew Mieh thanked Kore for the sponsorship which he said had motivated his club and players to maintain their top spot in the Goroka rugby league competition — United are undefeated in their last eight games.
He also acknowledged the support of the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazard Management, Mineral Resources Ok Tedi, Mining Minister Johnson Tuke and support from Sepika village in Goroka.