Sponsors for Hiri Moale still coming in

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LAE Biscuit Company last week pledged its support to the Hiri Moale Festival with a donation of K20,000.
The biscuit company also donated 100 cartons of snax chicken, 200 cartons snax cracker worth   K10,000 and 200 shirts (with screen printing of festival) also worth K10,000 .
Hiri Moale festival chairman Miria Ikupu is grateful upon receiving the donation from Lae Biscuit sales coordinator Gwen Moide.
“LBC is a traditional sponsor and again is the first corporate house to present their pledge and we are very grateful for what it is doing for the festival each year.”
Moide said Hiri Moale was an important cultural event in Port Moresby as an affirmation of identity.
“We hope that this and other matters are integrated into the move towards a modern nation whereby we rapidly move to the computer age and a more developed future.” 
Ikupu said the celebrations this year would be bigger and different.
A delegation was expected to come from Townsville, Australia, to witness the festival,  bringing with them  a contestant  for the Hiri Hanenamo quest.
The first judging of the Hiri queen pageant began last week.
The second judging was early this week  at the Botanical Gardens.
The final judging will be held this weekend.