Spread of cholera epidemic frightening

Letters, Normal

The National

THE current cholera epidemic in Morobe and reports of it reaching parts of Eastern Highlands and Gulf are frightening.
There is no doubt it has already spread to other Highlands provinces and Madang.
The Government must be blamed for the outbreak because it has neglected the health sector in the rural areas for years.
Besides that, it has also failed to deliver other basic services to the rural areas.
Many people do not have access to pipe water or clean drinking water as the Government has failed to provide this vital service.
After 34 years of Independence, many towns around the country still do not have proper toilet or sewage system.
Even if there is a sewage system, it is not working because it has broken down.
As a result, raw sewer is being disposed straight into rivers.
Health inspectors and educators within the health system are not doing enough awareness on health and hygiene and many people are ignorant on health and personal hygiene.
Then there is little or no policing and enforcement of food preparation and sanitation in many kai bars operated by Asians.
I hope the cholera outbreak has jolted the Government and it will look seriously into delivering health and sanitation services in towns, settlements and villages. 

Charles Ifu
Yamox, Watabung, EHP