Spreading the word in the city and Southern region


Senior pastor Mark Alu and his wife and partner in ministry Joyce are in charge of the largest PNG Bible Church city congregation of about 400 in the North Waigani Church.
Last Saturday’s anniversary celebrations were hosted at their church ground.
Ps Alu was called to minister in the city while he was still in his village in Southern Highlands. He had to leave studies at the church seminary to answer the call to minister in Port Moresby. Arriving in Port Moresby in 1990 he started the church work at Morata 2 with a “congregation” of five children.
From there and then the church grew and in 1993 the women’s ministry arm of the church was started by his wife Joyce.
It has not been an easy walk in his work because when the Sunday offerings could not maintain church operations and pay for a pastor, he had to do part time work with a number of companies to earn money for his basic needs.
However, he remained true to his calling and saw the church grow and acquire a decent plot of land where it is now established. A brand new church building, which is almost complete, stands as a testimony to his ministry and the faithful giving by his congregation.
Ps Alu is today the chairman of the church’s Southern Region. Under his ministry pastors have been sent to Alotau, Goodenough Island and Fergussion Island in Milne Bay, Goilala and Kairuku in Central as well as abroad to the Solomon Islands and the Philippines.
He vows to continue preaching the message of holiness, live it and to pass it on to the next generations.
The North Waigani church has strong Sunday School and youth ministries to ensure that the message of holiness is passed on to future generations.

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