Squad selected for Guria trials

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THE Agmark nines preseason challenge coordinator Michael Marum has selected a 23-man squad from the local Agmark Nines competition to have a trial match against the Rabaul Gurias early next month after the nines grand final.
The team selected from the Agmark nines challenge consists of young and old hands who will have a chance to earn a position in the Gurias squad.
The coaches  Normoyle Eremas and  Jessie Alunga.
Four players are schoolboys while the others are former Guria players.
“There are a lot of good players out there who should have been in this squad but this is what we think is the best so far but with injuries, suspensions changes can take place,” Marum said.
 All players are to attend a medical test today at 4pm at Kalabond field.
The squad: Elias Roboam, Moab Kivung, Israel Eliab, Alois Waileng, Alois Melua, Junior Polong, Benson Kanini, Elizah Bongne, Jeffery Vinevel, Lui Warum, James Tolom, Channel Aquila, John Willie, James Lumaris, Morea Momo, Alkan Tololo, Mark Malamut, Alkan Mararang, Wartovo Puaria, Charlie Minding, Eserom Ligur, Ase Boas, Isaih Vue and Tuvi Lapan.