Squatter settlements


IN the late 1980s and 1990s, there were some squatters built by some trading companies Burns Philips Co. Ltd, Bromely Co. Ltd, etc.
Accommodation, electricity and water were provided for their employees.
They only provided their own daily meals.
The terms and conditions of the companies attracted the employees from different backgrounds.
Nowadays, there are many companies popping up like mushrooms everywhere creating job opportunities for unemployed people.
Yet the National Government wants to create jobs and everyone is looking for jobs to put something on the table for the family.
Here I have three questions:

  • Is there any criteria to assess the company’s policy on employees’ accommodation for both local and international trading companies, security firms, and small medium entrepreneurs (SME), Investment Promotion Authority (IPA)?
  • why can’t the National Government create a law for companies to provide accommodation for their employees like in the public sector? and,
  • Is it the obligation of IPA or the National Government to have such an Act or if the there is no such Act, should the Government debate on it?

We should find the root of the issues and problems that we face every day.
Please have some alternate plan for settlements germinating especially in towns and cities around Papua New Guinea.
Let’s minimise!

Blade Phillzmon