Squatters ordered to leave

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THE National Court has ordered the eviction of around 3,000 squatters living on a piece of land belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran church in Madang.
Madang MP Bryan Kramer told The National that the eviction would begin next Wednesday, Jan 20.
A police mobile unit from Lae will be in Madang to help in the execution of the eviction order.
“A purported landowner (had been) illegally selling the land to settlers,” he said.
“The eviction order was issued in 2017 and the settlers had been given three years (to move out).”
He said the squatters had been served notices and the court order.
Kramer said the squatters would have to look for a land to settle on.
“No new area (has been) allocated (to them).
“It is not State land. It is church land.
“They are not original settlers,” he said.
They had settled there after a man illegally sold portions of the land to them.
The Lutheran Church obtained an eviction order from the court in 2017.
In April 2018, the Madang district project office conducted a social mapping exercise to ensure that the eviction notice was served and understood by the squatters.
On Jan 19, 2019, some settlers moved out. Last December, police conducted another awareness at the Nagada market where provincial police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang advised the people that the eviction exercise would be going ahead as planned.
“To avoid any issues arising from the eviction, I decided to get involved to ensure eviction was carried out properly to avoid any human rights abuses, giving cause for further court injunctions,” Kramer said.


  • Well done Minister and Member. Enough time was already given to the settlers to move out. Time to clean Madang. It is also unbecoming of the some Yabob elders, again selling their land to settlers. A huge settlement is booming at what used to be the old RSL Club, about 50 meters away from BK’s residence. Can Minister BK look into this as well.

  • Just a thought – Instead of spending their time evicting the squattors, couldn’t the police track down the individual who illegally “sold” the land to the squatters? Nah, of course not. That would require too much energy and intelligence. The bloke who sold the land also would have had more resources than the squattors to bribe the cops. Got to love PNG!

  • Well I personally agree with da eviction its comansance..land bilong tu Lutheran mission..it has been sold tu individuals from around da country without knowing dat it belongs to da Lutheran mission. By are so called land lord from there….on humanitarian grounds n the efected one’s ar indigenous from dis country PNG..I now with due respect humbly call on da Justice minister n Member for Madang tu how he can handle da situation n bring some light tu da affected ones…..tank you….

  • These settlers have been contributing to alarming social problems in the NCR spoiling the so called local people. Been there four five years Ive been told that the land mass occupied belongs to Lutheran Church in Madang district that have been taken by Missionaries since then.I am impress with the action taken by our MP Bryan Kramer,

  • Full support on your move BK, church members across the nation is with you, You are one of the unique leader who stood firm on what is right.God Bless your leadership and may he continue to give you wisdom…

  • I appeal to the justic minister and member of madang open that in such situation police forces who carry out exercise usually misconduct and abusive..

  • 3 years is more than enough for them to move out. But on the other hand the settlers have EQUITABLE RIGHTS over the land subject to compensation.

  • It’s about time the Evangelical Lutheran Church takes back its land that have been illegally sold all around the country where it’s establishments are. This includes other properties such as buildings and transport infrastructures as well.

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