Squatters told to move or face eviction


PEOPLE squatting on state land are warned that they will be evicted if they don’t move now.
Department of Lands and Physical Planning secretary Benjamin Samson said the squatters would be evicted.
He said no person should squat on any state land.
Samson said a public notice was published earlier this year to warn people to voluntarily vacate state land they were squatting on.
“Any persons intending to squat on any state land must not do so,” he said.
“A reminder notice will soon be published again and after the publication, formal notices under the Land Act will be issued to identify persons and, thereafter, evictions will proceed.”
Samson said provincial administration also had powers under the Land Act to conduct evictions and urged them to utilise that power to evict squatters in their provinces.
“Any person buying land within the periphery of the cities and towns from the so-called customary landowners, must first enquire at our local lands offices to establish the statues of the land in case the former customary landowners could be selling a part of the state land which has also been acquitted.
“No patties must transact over undeveloped land.”

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