SRC condemns killing

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The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

A STUDENT leader at the University of Technology in Lae has condemned the killing of a fellow student on campus.
Student Representative Council president David Kelma, who was at the forefront of a student boycott a few weeks ago, said things had gone out of hand at the Unitech campus.
A first-year Surveying and Lands Studies student from Mendi, Southern Highlands, died after he was attacked allegedly by a rival student group on Saturday night at the Unitech Taraka campus.
Kelma said although the killing was not related to the recent student boycott, it was something that painted a negative picture of the students and what they had been fighting for. Kelma, from Southern Highlands, said he believed that the killing was related to an earlier incident where a clash between two groups of university students resulted in the wounding of one.
He said their actions were “worse than animals”.
“How can you carry weapons into the school and kill a student before setting school buildings on fire? We are depriving other students of their rights to learn by burning down university buildings,” he said.
Kelma said outsiders had been involved too.
“They (the students) did not do it alone,” he said.
“They joined forces with outsiders and  carried out a well-planned and coordinated attack.”