SRC to decide on LLG plight

National, Normal

THE plight of local level government presidents and ward council members was raised in Parliament yesterday.
Sandaun Governor Simon Solo wanted to know what procedures should be followed to ensure that public servants were sufficiently compensated for the enormous amount of work, time and dedication they put into ensuring efficient and effective service delivery to the rural communities.
In questions directed to deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu, Mr Solo also wanted to know whether the LLG presidents would be part of the provincial assembly.
Sir Puka acknowledged the good work of LLG presidents and ward councillors but stated that whether they would be reinstated in the provincial assembly was a matter now before the court for a decision.
He noted that many of them were owed their K50 monthly allowances   for over many months.
Sir Temu said that whether there was a need for the allowance to increase or not was for the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to decide.