St John ‘helpers’ awarded

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GOVERNOR-General Sir Paulias has said the idea of volunteerism is very much embedded in PNG tradition where people were always help each other.
Sir Paulias added that the world was becoming a smaller place, leaving people with no choice but to help each other out.
“Volunteer is a very important word. It is to give, and the more you give, the more you receive.”
Sir Paulias said this during a dedication ceremony honouring long-serving volunteers of the Order of St John for their services in PNG at an award ceremony at Government House on Tuesday.
The volunteers were all St John PNG council members who received their medals from Sir Paulias who is also St John PNG president.
The recipients were principal chaplain Commissioner Andrew Kalai, Sir Ramon Thurecht, Aloysius Aihi and Robin Yanopa.
Mr Kalai, who works for the Salvation Army, said this was for the 10 years he had spent as a volunteer for the St John of PNG.
Sir Paulias also presented to the St John Queensland president Major General Dr John Pearn, the 30th anniversary medal and the St John commemorative medal.
In turn, Dr Pearn presented the commemorative medal and the Surgeon General’s medal to Sir Paulias as president and for his contributions to the Order.
St John PNG Council chairman and Police Commissioner Gari Baki and St John’s Chief Commissioner Douglas Kelson were also presented with the Surgeon General’s medals by Dr Pearn.
Dr Pearn said he was happy to have attended and stressed that the concept of pre-hospital care and first aid be given top priority.
He said from his experiences in the Aitape tsunami disaster and the Oro Mt Lamington volcano eruption, time and resources could be saved if people knew the basics of first aid.
This was one of the points of his trip in coming to PNG to visit clinics and stressed on first aid and pre-hospital care.