St John gets first-aid role in Apec operations


ST John Ambulance paramedics will assist the disciplined forces provide first aid during events related to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting, says an official.
The paramedics were part of the three-week public order management training which included officers from the disciplined forces, said Shane McLennan, the special operations coordinator for the PNG-Australia policing partnership.
“One more element that we injected into the training is the inclusion of the St John Ambulance paramedics,” he said.
“It is to provide a welfare capacity for the staff and the trainers in looking after their wellbeing, because a course like this is very mentally challenging and physically challenging,” he said.
“Secondly, the St John Ambulance staff who have been involved have also learnt about what they will do in real time to deploy first aid.
“When the public order management team is sent out to an operation, the St John paramedics will go with them.
“They will become like tactical medics to give initial first aid
treatment on the ground to deal with any injuries of the security staff.
“Also if anyone in the crowd gets injured, they are onsite to provide first aid.”