Stability in Govt vital


I write to share my view that this country needs stability in the Government.
Consistency and stability give hope in achieving development goals and this is what, we, as a young developing nation need most.
While we respect our constitution, motions of no confidence will become the object to use to change governments.
Whether the intention and purpose of the motion is genuine or for personal gain, the answer is unknown.
Leaders are now capitalising on this constitutional process that allows parliament to move a motion of no confidence when the 18-months grace period for the ruling government is over.
While the purpose and intention of the motion of no confidence is within the confines of the law, how do we judge and where do we find dictatorship style of government when this country’s government system is formed and run by coalition partners? Everybody makes decisions.
The Government is not run by one person or one party alone.
Different parties with different policies come together to form the Government, put their policies together, share ideas and visions, and execute them for one common cause.
MPs from different parties that formed the coalition hold different ministries so everybody is involved in running the government.
Leaders are misleading us and the blame game only happens during such time.
I am talking specifically about the leaders who have been part of ruling regimes.
You will never hear or see any leader in the Government bench bravely standing up for his people on what is right against a decision made by the ruling coalition they feel is detrimental.
They never sacrifice their perks and privileges by quitting ministries they hold or move to opposition benches.
Everybody seems to be silent until the vote of no confidence period then they come out pointing fingers at each other.
A coalition government system creates room for stability and consistency because MPs from different parties come together to discuss and make decisions to run the government.
It’s a collaborative effort.

Hanam Bill Sandu,