Staff learn to manage swimming pools

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

LEARNING how to manage and maintain a swimming pool is relevant to the development of the sport, Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation regional manager for Mamose Vincent Onnevagi says.
He was commenting on a four-day training in pool management at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium that ended last Thursday.
The course was run by Millennium Water Limited owner Achillies James Peni.
Onnevagi said Lae was the hub of transportation in terms of people from the Highlands coming down or New Guinea Islanders travelling in by ship.
“By conducting the course, I see it is relevant and we have to grab the opportunity,” Onnevagi said.
“And especially my staff must know what they are doing so that they could manage the swimming pools and also do maintenance when needed.”
He said everyone was satisfied with the course conducted by Peni as the swimming pool at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium was a facility that PNGSF has to maintain.
The regional manager is looking at leasing the pool, while the outdoor stadium track and field facility will be given to Papua New Guinea Athletics Union to run.
One of the course participants and the only female Joy Nenek told The National that she learnt a lot in the four days.
She said she was very interested to learn the basics of looking after and maintaining the swimming pool and how to mix chlorine for application in the pool.
Nenek said she had lacked such knowledge in the past.
Peni, who has been involved with swimming pool for years, said he wanted to see the pool operating to serve its purpose as public funds had been spent to build the facility.
“We cannot let the pool stays there deteriorating,” he said.
“To have these pools active and running, we have to have people who have the basic knowledge to clean, maintain and look after the pool facilities.”