Staff to clock in, out


PNG Civil and Identity Registry Office staff will have to clock in and out when a time-keeping machine is installed in the office soon, new Registrar-General Michael Kumung says.
He revealed his plans to the staff in Port Moresby yesterday “to clean up the mess in the organisation” following a dedication service.
“I do not wish to come and work here and I have never lobbied for this position,” he told the staff.
“I only saw my name on the gazettal in the newspaper that I was appointed by the National Executive Council to head this organisation.”
Kumung said if it was for an organisation to issue ID cards and birth, death and marriage certificates only, he would not have considered taking up the position.
“I paused for a while and asked myself and I realised that this was a very important office, newly established by the government to provide important data and statistics for planning and service delivery.
“But it has a lot of issues and because I get appointed for a job which I never lobbed for, it must have been God’s will so I take up that position.
“If this is God’s will, this organisation which our people have made all sorts of comments against will see changes and the changes will have to start with the staff.”
Kumung said time-keeping machines will be installed in the office.
“If the Department of Personnel Management continues to talk about installing time-keeping machines time and time again with no action, then someone in the public service will have to take the lead and stop this talking and I want this someone to be the Civil and Identity Registry Office.”
Kumung said everyone should be at work at 8am and finish at 4.06pm – the gazetted government working hours.
“If you turn up late and go off early or if you fail to turn up to work, your pay will be docked.
“You must work to earn and as the head of the organisation, it would be a mistake to allow people getting paid for nothing.”
Kumung said he always encouraged open door policies and encouraged everyone to work openly with each other.