Staff, trainers of institute urged to value students

Youth & Careers

STAFF and trainers of the Mapex Training Institute (MTI) at the Kokopo campus in East New Britain were asked to value their students.
Chief executive director of the institute Marcus Palem Kara said this during an orientation ceremony for staff and students last Friday.
Kara told staff to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and serve and value the students as their top priority.
“MTI is now a recognised institution which the National Government, as well as the ENB government and its administration, are supportive of in our effort to provide opportunities to students who are unable to pursue studies in the formal education system,” he said.
“Therefore, it is very important as staff that you must serve with dignity.” The institute serves students from all over New Guinea Islands.
“I am calling on all of you to please serve your students and clients according to our motto which is serve with your heart and give the best to your students,” Kara said.
He encouraged trainers and staff to keep abreast of the methods and developments in their fields and industry in order to impart the best and most practical information to their students.
Kara also urged them to work together and support each other.
“In MTI, we require friendly staff as you all have the equal rights and must respect one another,” he said.
“Correcting a person in a private manner is healthy because by doing this, you will help a person to change their bad attitudes so I am urging you to correct your friends or students in private.”
Kara welcomed the institute’s new principal Brendy Tanda.
He said Tanda was a qualified and experienced secondary school teacher who has been teaching in the various schools throughout PNG for 15 years as well as undergoing studies overseas.
Kara said Tanda joined MTI four years ago and had served as a senior trainer.