Staff urged to save up: PM


PRIME Minister James Marape has urged the staff of Lihir Gold Mine in New Ireland to focus on saving money and getting into business.
Marape addressed the mine workers during a tour of the mine this week.
He said the employees should save and also take advantage of the Government’s small-medium enterprises policy to tap into business in the future to sustain them after they retire.
The Government recently announced a K200 million allocation for SMEs to access loans, which they could pay over a longer period of time.
“Dont waste your money on alcohol and unhealthy things,” Marape said.

One thought on “Staff urged to save up: PM

  • PM Marape, when these mine workers, most of whom come for break, they spend here and there, and when salary pinis, they go borrow and say next break bai mi kam bekim, na interest build up stap. Mine workers earn more than what the normal PNG workers earn in a month or say in a year. And how many millionaires have come out from these mining companies we have in PNG? You being on a K80000 to K130000 per year salary is more than enough to make you are millionaire in less than 5 years already. Sure, salary alone cannot make you a millionaire but there are ways in which you invest, or venture into business. Spend your break time do something. Most of you go dream and party like there is no tomorrow. Anyways, this is your money, this is your life, I am just a simple Digicel Flex Seller, but I have 2 cars, 1 guest house and I am building myself a big house, while some of your fellow mine workers hide their face in shame when they come for break in the village.

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