Stalled project awaits aid

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The National, Friday 27th January 2012

A MULTI-MILLION kina forest project in Enga which was burnt down in 2009 is still awaiting help to get it back on its feet.
The project management has been asking the provincial government for assistance.
Project manager Jerry Pindao saind Treasury minister Don Polye, Kaeyok and the Wapenamanda local level government council president Nd since it was a pilot project in the province, the provincial government should support it.
The project occupies about 25ha of land at Angi valley in the Wapenamanda electorate.
After it was burnt down, he presented all the necessary documents to the provincial disaster office asking for assistance.
It is one of the multi-million kina projects in the province – similar to the Porgera gold mine.
It is expected to generate income and create jobs, Pindao said.
He believes it is the provincial government’s responsibility to fund and support it.
Pindao said he spent about K200, 000 to start it.
The estimated damage is valued at more than K1 million.
The fire happened in September 2009 and the cause is yet to be established.
More than 24,000 trees were burnt down and Pindao is trying to restart the project.
Wapenamanda MP Mickey Kaeyok gave K25,000 but Pindao said it was not enough.
The provincial government has to step in with more funds.
Pindao had submitted claims to the provincial government to restart the project but there has been no response.
He urged the provincial government to support business activities in the province to create more jobs for the local population and boost the economy.
Meanwhile, Pindao thanked Finance aick Andiek for launching a five-year development plan.
The launched plan included the project.