Stallions gallop into NSL


MADANG’S National Soccer League representative Tusbab Stallions are determined to make their presence felt in the 2019 semi-professional soccer competition.
The club is based at the Tusbab Secondary School and made up of talent from the school’s soccer team, Tusbab Blue Kumuls, which competes in the Madang town competition.
After the school team merged with Blue Kumuls in 2010, the club has become a force making the finals of Madang Soccer Association and winning titles .
Kumuls president Condrad Wadunah said it had been always a dream for young players in the club to play at higher level.
He said franchising the club would give young players an opportunity to play at a high level such as the National Soccer League.
Wadunah said although the Stallions were debuting in the NSL but felt it had great prospects.
Former PNG and FC Port Moresby player Max Sengum will lead a team of young footballers — the cream of MFA.
Others on the Kumuls roster include junior representative players in Stahl Gubag, who has already played for the PNG Kapuls, Freeman Giwi (U17/U20), Graham Berigami (U17/U20), Kimson Kapai (U17/U20), Ricky Wadunah (U17/U20), Buttler Bossi (U17), Morris Devi (U17), Jason Wadunah (U17), Ishmael Yopiyopi (U17) and Jesse Mandari (U17).
All have came out of the Madang Centre of Excellence soccer programme conducted by Tusbab Blue Kumuls. Other players brought into the Stallions include Nathan Kell (Goroka Gosiha), Richie Apisa (Gosiha), Gerard Lashel (Gosiha), Sengum (Madang FC), Stahl Gubag (Madang), Nigel Malagian (Madang), Nolan Samar (Madang), Graham Berigami (Besta FC), Ricky Wadunah (Besta) and Kimson Kapai (Besta).
With this pool of players, most of whom are between 18 and 21 years, Wadunah said the Kumuls were developing the province’s youth in PNG’s top soccer competition.
Rachel Wadunah is head coach.
Coach Wadunah said the Stallions were looking to take the season one game at a time.
She said her squad had been training for the past one in preparation for the season.
Wadunah said they were confident they would be allowed to enter the NSL competition once the board endorsed the 26-team competitions.

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