Stand against moral decay


MORAL decay has worsened than ever before.
Unless laws are enacted to ensure good behaviour from people, being called a Christian country remains questionable. By global standards, we have an attitude problem, but we are generally good people.
The Western influence has definitely influenced the way some of us conduct ourselves.
Evil has risen to a new level.
Nowadays, youths use obscene languages as greeting words.
This is moral decay.
Some adults do this too.
We are trapped in a web of moral decay.
Some people excrete and urinate in public, which is so bad.
It happens in almost every urban centres in the country despite the fact that toilets are provided.
People are disposing their rubbish anywhere they wish to.
A simple yet compulsory thing Papua New Guineans fail to grasp is obedience.
The Bible and the Constitution stresses more on obedience.
If you fail to obey laws, you get penalised.
It’s simple as that.
The effects of moral decay are many and requires intervention from the Government and churches.
It is time our legislators enact laws that will guide people’s behaviour.
The Government can minimise moral decay, but churches have a better opportunity to eradicate moral decay.
It is time readers decide whether to imitate the doers of bad behaviour or follow the right path by developing good behaviours that promote peace and decency.

Justin Max Undi

One thought on “Stand against moral decay

  • Good point Justin.

    It all starts with the parents at home when children are growing up. If we discipline our children at home and bring them up under good morals, ethics and Godly principles, they will have a good, decent, God fearing and disciplined future.

    Secondly, it is the people’s mindset that needs changing. What people do (good or bad) is based on how their minds have been trained/not trained to think.

    Only those who have half the normal sense (half sense) do indecent things like urinating and excreting in public, swearing, disposing rubbish without due care and consideration, etc..

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