Stand by your decisions, judges told

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The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 KIMBE resident judge Justice Elenas Batari is urging judges and magistrates to be responsible for their actions and decisions so people  could have trust in the legal system.

Speaking at the opening of the 2014 legal year in Kimbe, West New Britain, on Monday, Batari said:  “Members of the legal fraternity must always serve with honesty, integrity and humility because people have trust in us to make fair decisions regarding those who stand before us to be judged.

“Whatever decisions we make will go a long way in helping to change the lives of lawbreakers and offenders, therefore we must distance ourselves from bribery and corrupt practices,”

He said natural justice should be practiced, with both sides given equal opportunities to present their sides of the story to allow for fair decisions to be made.

“There has to be transparency and accountability in our practice because there are already whispers around the corridors of judges and magistrates accepting bribes and practising nepotism, leading to them to being biased in their decisions.

“This is not only about judges and magistrates, but those involved in the law and order sector, including lawyers, police and Correctional Service officers.”