Stand-off shows instability, says Malabag

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PNG Trade Union Congress president Michael Malabag says the “stand-off” within the police hierarchy will have a negative impact on the country’s law and order.
“The stand-off only shows disunity and instability within the police force,” he said.
Mr Malabag said in a statement yesterday that the situation could trigger an upsurge in criminal activities in the country.
He was responding to the ongoing court cases regarding Police Commissioner Gari Baki, Southern regional commander Tony Wagambie and assistant police commissioner for investigations Raphael Huafolo.
Mr Malabag said the stability of the police force was critical to the stability of law and order in the country.
“The police force has been subjected to a lot of internal bickering over the years which contributed to disharmony. Politics have apparently played a big part, as seen in the frequency of changes at the top.
“Mr Baki is not only an outstanding police commissioner but also a person of the highest integrity whose judgment and commitment to work and law and order issues is held in high esteem.
“However, the police force must not be seen to belong to any one person,” Mr Malabag said.
He appealed to all politicians to refrain from interfering with the operation of the police force.
“It is the people’s confidence that enable the system to operate efficiently, not politics,” he added.