Stand proud Kumuls


AT that same year when PNG got independence, on July 6, 1975, at Lloyd Robson Oval, in Port Moresby the Kumuls played their first ever international.
They were beaten 40-12 by England.
From there until then, the patriotic team in the colours of red, black and gold stood boldly and grew with strength and victory from time to time.
The national team, named after the unique and rare specie of birds found in the Pacific, the “Kumul” or the bird of paradise depicts the sense of pride and humour to the citizens of Papua New Guinea.
The Kumul team has been producing best players both nationally and internationally, of which making the citizens prouder than ever before.
Now that our boys are prepared to clash with the Fiji Batis tomorrow in Campbelltown stadium in the New South Wales, Australia, it will be again, another exciting moment for the people of PNG to support our boys who will be playing against their Pacific brothers.
People of PNG must not doubt the selection of the PNG Kumuls line up that has been done already under careful supervision of new couch Stanley Tepend.
Let’s all stand with solidarity and be united as one people and one voice and give the overwhelming support to the Kumuls.
Let the Kumuls show Fiji, that PNG is still their big brother.
Victory is evident!

Misack A. Ruri
Baby Kumul

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