Stand united


ALL strategies are taking shape and being implemented by all participants in the country.
Everybody has a clearly defined role to play in the new norm for PNG.
Every able bodied Papua New Guinean has a role to play.
Covid-19 has set the stage on how PNG will play its part internally and to the World.
The foundation for a greater PNG is at the fore.
We stand together united.
All existing structures and systems and policies is focused on a clear ideology relating to the Covid-19 strategies derived from the Marape Manifesto and the Government’s development programmes clearly articulating that we are Melanesians. And we are a democracy.
Our ancestral democracy in today’s new norm age is simply Melanesian democracy at its best.
Let’s promote and educate our children about our unique Melanesian cultures and traditions.
The Government has done that through the Porgera model.
This is the dawn of a new era, a new norm, a new PNG that is founded on Melanesian democratic principles.
The democracies, socialists, capitalists and neo-colonialists vultures will never know how to share a pig, banana or land.
But you put a Melanesian democratic Papua New Guinean and he will know how to share equally.

Financial Nationalist

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