Standardof prison facilities slammed

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A CORRECTIONAL Services (CS) officer based outside Port Moresby says minister Tony Aimo and the Government must upgrade infrastructure at CS facilities and beef up manpower nationwide.
“The breakout at the Bomana maximum security unit (MSU) is testimony of the urgent need for the authorities to act and reduce such incidents,” the officer, who wish not to be named, said.
“I believe Tuesday’s escape of some of PNG’s most notorious criminals, aided by a ‘woman lawyer’, could be an inside job. The escape would not have happened if the authorities had strengthened CS’ infrastructure and system,” he said.
“The CS system here is outdated and does not have the capacity to perform to expectations because it does not have the facilities, the technology and manpower to ensure effective performance.
“MSUs must be equipped with advanced 24-hour surveillance camera to monitor who walks in and out, especially visitors.
“I don’t see any difficulties in upgrading the security system to modern standards since we are living in world of amazing technology,” the Correctional Services officer said.